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The Ark

285 Farrellton Rd.

Denholm, QC

Mad Trapper Relentless

Course Descriptions

Something for Everyone

What I have done for Relentless is create fun, challenging courses for every level of ability. So if you can comfortably run 3k on the road, then you'll be able to complete the 3k Try-a-Trail, but you'll find it challenging. If you are a 10k road runner, then it's the same thing. You'll love your time out there on our trails, but you can trust it'll be the longest 10k you have ever run.

So the choice is yours. You can challenge yourself and run the same distance you run on the road here at the Ark, or you can take it down and run the next shortest distance. If you are a 60 minute 10km road runner, then you can expect the 10k to take you 1:30 to 1:40 or you can do the 5k in between 45 and 55 minutes.


The choice is yours.

AID STATIONS will be stocked with water, and electrolyte drink, bananas and roasted potatoes.

Your Options Include...

3k "Try a Trail"

The truth is The Ark is located on some pretty rugged terrain. But I've done my best to make the Try a Trail as "newbie friendly" as possible. But there is some elevation change and about equal amounts of technical single track and straight forward double track.


5k "Mad" Course

The 5k "Mad Course" is a single loop of twisty-turny single track. There is some elevation gain, but there is actually a decent "flat" section now and no killer hills. There is certainly nothing here you can't handle.


10.5k "Crazed" Course

This is also a single loop and possesses a little bit of everything... The 5k "Mad Course" is in there, plus there's a decent truly flat that borders my neighbour's hay field, plus there is the "mountain climb".... Let's just say your legs will feel it! One aid station at ~5km


The Ark 50k Ultra

Racers will begin with a 18k gravel road prologue in a loop south of The Ark. Racers will want to conserve their energy as they are challenged by over 1000 feet of elevation change over the full 50k. Once that little jog is complete, racers will then enter the trail system to tackle 3 loops of the 10.5k of Insanity course. Aid stations ~ every 5km.


The Mad Trapper

Are you Mad Enough?


285 Farrellton Rd,

Low, QC

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