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The Ark

285 Farrellton Rd.

Denholm, QC

October 17, 2020

Covid Update

This will be our third, albeit biggest event of the Covid season. Our first 2 events ran flawlessly thanks to the cooperation of the participants.

Our current Covid "rules" are:

  • All racers stay outdoors. Racers are only allowed indoors for bathroom access. "Social distance" bathroom line-up is outside. Outhouses are also "refurbished" and available.
  • The race start is spread across the entire yard, but masks are still required for the start only. Once distanced from other racers on the trail, masks may be removed.
  • Masks and hand sanitizer are required at the post race food table.
  • The 3k, 5k and 10k racers will start in half hour increments of 8 racers per slot. You'll be directed to a time sign up sheet upon completion of your online registration.
  • No aid stations on the course. All races are 100% self-supported.

* The weather could be quite cool (even cold and rainy), so please dress appropriately for the post race activities.

Where trail racing began in the Outaouis in 2004. A true "Grass Roots" event.

The Relentless Ark Trail Race – A True Fall

Colours Event, with Distances to Suit Every

Fitness Level and Degree of Madness...

If you haven’t experienced a Relentless Ark Trail Race, then you don’t know what you’ve been missing.

The Ark is not only home to over 11k of pristine, challenging, technical, groomed single-track trail. The Ark is not only home to 3 horses, 7 pygmy goats, 2 dogs, 2 cats and countless numbers and species of wildlife. 

But it’s home to me, the Race Director, and my wife Monique as well. So races at The Ark don’t feel like you’re racing at a public venue. Rather it has the intimacy of visiting and exploring a friend’s home. 

Although The Ark doesn’t have the continuous climb of a ski hill, there are no flat sections of land here at all. With over 200 acres, it’s tough to find a single spot to pitch a small 2-man tent. At the relentless ark trail races, there is no time to relax. The hills generally aren’t steep enough to warrant you walking them, although they’re close. And if you’re not running up or down, then your twisting and turning and wrapping your body around the trees on some super tight and technical singletrack. Racing at The Ark is RELENTLESS. There is never a place to coast. There are never any physical or mental breaks. 

Sounds like fun doesn’t it?  

But what's cool is that you have options!  

If you're super new to trail racing and/or nervous about what you may face at The Ark, then we've got a 3k "Try a Trail" Option.  

If you want to go a little harder and experience some wicked single track, then the 5k option is right up your alley.  

But if you really want a challenge, then we also one continuous 10.5k loop here where you get to experience absolutely everything The Ark has to offer.  

And if you're the type of person, who likes to really see what they're made of, then why not try the 10.5km loop two times in the 21k half marathon option.  

Of course, for those who are truly "mad enough," we have a 50k option! This race starts with an 18km gravel road prologue loop before arriving back at The Ark for 3 relentless loops of the 10.5km course. (I'll set this course, but I'm personally not mad enough to run it all together myself!)

Choose Your Distance. Choose Your Challenge.


10am start


10am start


10am start


8am start


6am start

Are You Mad Enough?

Apparently road running is bad for your bones!

The Mad Trapper

Are you Mad Enough?


285 Farrellton Rd,

Low, QC

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